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About Pat...
Client Reviews...
"Pat is an amazing spirit with a soul for healing and making the world a better place. His real estate investment experience and knowledge is incredible and he is a true industry professional. — Adrianna Huffington, President & Editor In Chief, The Huffington Post Media Group "
   - Adrianna Huffington
"Working with Pat was always a pleasure. The professionalism and knowledge shown while working with him is always a breath of fresh air. In an industry known for being cut throat Pat is one of a few colleagues you can always trust. — Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group "
   - Richard Branson
"I have worked with Pat many times over 35 years. His attention to detail for any project is very articulated in all that he does. He is a great manager. Any Artist being managed by him should be grateful for his drive. — Duane Allen, President, Oak Ridge Boys, Inc. "
   - Duane Allen
"Working with Pat was a great experience. He is always very passionate about his work, very personable, honest and creative. He's a big idea guy, and he has the work ethic to make those ideas a reality. — Laura Eady, Dolly Parton Organization "
   - Laura Eady
"Pat is a detail oriented management executive who attends to every detail of the transaction. It was a pleasure to work with Pat and I look forward to possibly working with his NoteWorthy Group in the future. — Tim Bowers, Tour Manager and Logistics Specialist for BJ Thomas Music "
   - Tim Bowers
"I have known and worked with Pat for several years on various projects in Utah. Pat is an individual that you can depend on to be a man of his word. He is tenacious and driven for results. At the same time he is considerate of the people with whom he works with. — B Murphy, National Sales Manager at Fern Exposition Services "
   - B Murphy
"Pat is a focused and effective industry expert with a depth of experience and a deep network. He is able to quickly develop productive warm business relationships and is highly productive and strongly dedicated to his clients. — Tricia Schumann, CEO at BachHealth "
   - Tricia Schumann
"Pat is a two-for. A great bang for your buck. Not only is he expert in the details of his task and able to delegate or take charge as necessary but Pat is also a creative force on his own capable of stimulating the creative forces necessary for... — Joseph DeLillo, JADL Management Services "
   - Joseph DeLillo
"Pat Melfi is articulate in organizing business. Pat carefully calculates and manages risk. He takes and maintains control of every warm and cold environment, regardless of the complexity of the situation or the egos involved. — Chris Crawford, Synertech, Inc"
   - Chris Crawford